Left Coast Crime 2019

As much fun as it is to connect on Facebook or Instagram, it’s even more fun to connect in person. Having just returned from Left Coast Crime, I’m reminded of the need for that real life connection.

It was a great conference. Many kudos to the organizers, the committee chairs, and the volunteers for putting on such a great event. However, in addition to being a wonderful event it was also an opportunity to sit down and have a chat “in real life” with author friends and to talk with fellow book lovers.

Some favorite #IRL meet-ups were:

Volunteering with the awesome book bag crew and talking books and crime conferences while we worked.

Left Coast Crime book bags
Left Coast Crime Bookbags

Lunch with fellow Stiletto Gang authors, Debra Goldstein and Kay Kendall.

Guppy Breakfast Left Coast Crime

A way-too-early breakfast with a Sisters in Crime group called the Guppies and having a chance to talk in person with other writers. In many cases we’d only interacted online and had never actually met in real life before.

The Lefty Awards Banquet and a chance to co-host a table with Waverly Curtis. This was a big #IRL favorite because it was also a chance to talk with readers who had chosen to dine with us. Having some time to talk with readers was priceless.

An entertaining Animals in Mysteries panel with fellow panelists: Mary Feliz, Donna Andrews, Waverly Curtis, and moderated by Pam Beason.

Those are just a few favorite #IRL encounters from this year’s Left Coast Crime. Do you have some favorite “in real life” experiences from conferences? I’d love to hear about them!

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