Discussion Questions for Game of Scones

  1. Sugar Calloway has moved miles from where she grew up. What do you think drove her to make that kind of a change? 
  2. Sugar and Dixie have very different backgrounds. Why do you think they became such fast friends? 
  3. Why do you think Sugar has the strong bond she has with her landlady, Greer? 
  4. Did you figure out who had committed the murder early on or were you surprised when the killer was revealed? What led you to suspect others? 
  5. How much of a part did the small town setting play in the story? Do you think this story could have happened in a different sort of setting or was the town of St. Ignatius essential to the plot? 
  6. Secrets are a major theme in the story. Who among the characters had secrets and what were they? Whose secrets were most surprising? Which secrets were revealed and which ones remained at the end of the story?
  7. Sugar and Dixie had each had life events that put them in a position to start over and do something different. If you had a major life event and needed to start over, what do you think the challenges of doing that would be? 

Coming soon: Discussion Questions for Risky Biscuits