Discussion Questions for Game of Scones

  1. Sugar Calloway has moved miles from where she grew up. Do you live where you grew up or have you moved around? What do you think drove Sugar to make that kind of a change? 
  2. Sugar and Dixie have very different backgrounds. Why do you think they became such fast friends? Do you have people in your life who you knew immediately you were going to be friends with?
  3. Why do you think Sugar has the strong bond she has with her landlady, Greer? 
  4. Did you figure out who had committed the murder early on or were you surprised when the killer was revealed? What led you to suspect others? 
  5. How much of a part did the small town setting play in the story? Do you think this story could have happened in a different sort of setting or was the town of St. Ignatius essential to the plot? 
  6. Secrets are a major theme in the story. Who among the characters had secrets and what were they? Whose secrets were most surprising? Which secrets were revealed and which ones remained at the end of the story?
  7. Sugar and Dixie had each had life events that put them in a position to start over and do something different. If you had a major life event and needed to start over, what do you think the challenges of doing that would be? 

Discussion Questions for Risky Biscuits

  1. In book two, Sugar and Dixie are working on a new project for a breakfast club. Have you ever belonged to a breakfast group?
  2. At what point in the book did you begin to put together what had happened to Alma?
  3. One of the themes in the story is home. Why do you think home is so important to Sugar?
  4. Sugar’s cranky neighbor, Mrs. Pickett, is back. Have you ever dealt with a problem neighbor? What advice would you give Sugar?
  5. In Risky Biscuits we find out a little more about Dixie and the sheriff’s past. Why do you think it’s still an issue after so many years have passed?
  6. In this book there are quite a few people who turn out to be quite a bit different than what they seemed when we first met them. Was there a particular person that surprised you the most?
  7. Have you done any research about your own family’s history? What do you think Sugar will find out in her search for her father’s family?

Discussion Questions for Quiche of Death

  1. In book two, Sugar visits Arbor House the Bed & Breakfast featured in Quiche of Death. Have you stayed in a B & B and, if so, what did you enjoy about the experience.
  2. This book takes place mostly at the B & B and not as much in the town of St. Ignatius. Do you think that helped in solving mystery or did it make it more difficult?
  3. In the Quiche of Death, much of the conflict revolves around the Arbor family and their relationships. Did you think the conflict was realistic? Have you seen that type of conflict? Or do your family members all get along?
  4. At what point in the story did you begin to suspect someone? Did it turn out that you were right?
  5. One of the main themes in the story is family. Clearly Sugar is still looking for information about her father’s family. Do you think she’ll be able to find any of her history through the genealogy work she’s been doing?
  6. Did you have a favorite secondary character in this book?
  7. Sugar and Dixie seem to be doing well with their community cookbook business. What do you think is next for them? What would you like to see next?